Common Folks Plight

Well we may first have to define the terms “Common Folks” and “Plight”. There are several kinds of Common Folks. Just because you are considered common, doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant or uninformed. If you choose to be that then you fall under the catagory of “low information” folks. But in general I think that the term means people who are not well off ¬†financially or members of the elite or celebrity world. Sometimes common folks suffer from lack of material things but most of them make it up by their mindset. I also think people find happiness by living a simple life. They value each other and every human being. They don’t try to be on a strata above other people and neither do they feel a whit below them others either. Personally I have been a common person for most of my life and did not feel that I had a plight. Common folks are industrious and feel that if they work hard everything will come out alright. Common folks are the salt of the earth and the backbone of the country. Someone once said, “God must have loved common folks because he made so many of them.” Yes sometimes common folks may suffer but that is life and they have experiences that righ people never could never experience. So I am proud to have lived as a common person all my life, because it allowed me to see life as it really is.

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Something I read About So Called Health Care

this is the URL for an article that I just read and frankly it is very frightening to me. It is like the government ushering in “1984”. Read it and pay attention because I truly believe it is the same future here and sooner than you think.
It is a good reason to take care of yourself as much as possible and not need the medical care.

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Around the Coffee Table–When you are second best you try harder

Hi everyone and it was lively at the old coffee table as usual. Ed our token liberal was out and I think that he has got some alements. Maybe he will be better later.
Joe is aways a barrel of laughs. He starts off the conversation with a remark. Well Jimmy Carter is extremely happy today.
Why is that?
Well he is no longer in first place as being the worse president in U. S. history. Obama has been voted for that honor now.
How did he get this award?
Well the poles voted him to be.
“Come to think of it I can’t think of a single thing that he has done to help this country. He has accomplished lot to damage and hurt the people of this country.” I replied.
Jim Spoke up, ” Every heard of an extremely educated moron?” “Well he reminds me of One.”
Now, now, don’t be too hard on him, you know he don’t have any experience in the job he is attempting to fill.
Joe-Well, he just scares me. Either he is a bumbling fool or he is deliberatly doing the things he is to further his agenda.
Jim-I hope it is the first because that would be best for us. A bumbling fool usually gets out of a job in a hurry.
Joe- Well, lets hope that he can retire really soon, the sooner the better.
Me- Well guess I better go. Gotta get home. Have a good day and try not to worry too much. But, on second thought maybe we got lots to worry about.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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